IDR 999,000.00
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Bundle #1

IDR 999,000.00
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Please Select Color White Mimosa Yellow Forest Green Blush Pink

Outfit Selection Guide:
*Please choose the colour of your top & size of your dress;
Write them in the 'NOTE TO SELLER' after checkout*

  • Noah Loose Top --- Choose Forest Green / Blush Pink*
  • Bucky Straight Pants --- Choose size SM / ML*
  • Elka Vest
  • Estee V Button Top --- Choose Mimosa Yellow / White*
  • Bucky Straight Pants --- Choose size SM / ML*
  • Elka Vest

Every bundle comes with these gifts inside:

- 1 Face Palette from They Talk About
- 1 Ramune Earrings (Customer will be given random style)
- 1 Ramune Scrunchie (Customer will be given either white polkadot/black polkadot)
- 1 Ramune's Anniversary Sticker Set