Our Story


RAMUNE is an Indonesia-based fashion label founded by two high-school best friends in Spring 2013.
Pronounced “ra-moo-nay,” the name RAMUNE is derived phonetically
from the Japanese word meaning “lemonade” –
it is that literal & simple; no room for complicated explanation.

RAMUNE believes that style, as is life, should be celebrated & made simple.
Just like the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,”
RAMUNE wants to help the busy & beautiful women of today create a wardrobe
that is fashionable, effortless & wearable for their everyday affairs,
hence the hashtag #247wardrobe.

It is our aspiration that anyone with a RAMUNE piece in her wardrobe
can dress confidently 24/7 with ease!



The RAMUNE woman is a full-time professional at something she’s passionate or excellent in.
She is an executive at a professional firm; maybe in the public eye, an entrepreneur,
a student or a full-time mom in the quest of creating the perfect home for her family.
However way she chooses to write her story, she is confident in her own skin,
capable of finding joy in the littlest things & always inspires others
to make lemonade out of a lemon situation.

The RAMUNE woman knows that beauty starts from within,
so she invests a great deal of time on her personal development.
She envisions a world where every woman is secured in their unique identity &
join hands together, instead of competing with one another.